Specialized Orthopedic Billing from ACL to X-Ray

Orthopedic specialties offer a wide variety of surgical and non-surgical approaches for a wide host of ailments. Attention to detail and efficiency is critical to ensure your patients are in their best form and back to what they love as quickly as possible. You should expect the same amount of dedication from the billing team that works with you and your patients. Our Orthopedic team is committed to providing you accurate and concise coding and feedback that will increase your revenue and decrease your time spent on billing concerns. Contact us at our Orange County or San Jose locations to get started.

Orthopedic Medical Coding Services

Our highly experienced coders in MedLegal, Workers Comp, and DME services identify and address every appropriate area to maximize your revenue.

  • Clear guidelines provided to physicians for acceptable dictation and timing on MedLegal Reports
  • Collaboration with providers to optimize arthroscopic surgeries for maximized reimbursement
  • Overall provider education in clinical documentation for optimized billing
  • Implementation of a 48-hour turnaround from charge receipt to proper coding and billing
  • Detailed coding analysis to identify procedure and payment trends for practice management

Orthopedic Medical Billing Solutions

We know that mismanaged billing takes your time away from the reason you went into business – the care of your patients. Allow us to optimize your billing so you can devote your time to what’s most important to you.

  • Implementation of electronic claims submission for Workers Comp
  • Monthly DME analysis and reconciliation performed to ensure 100% capture
  • Industry leading AR follow up protocols and turnaround time
  • Comprehensive reimbursement analysis customizable based on your needs
  • Informative dashboards for charge and collections keep providers in touch with trends and changes
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Orthopedic Accounts Receivable Management

Maximized and sustained revenue is critical for any practice to be fruitful and grow. Cosentus has optimized accounts receivable management to ensure you have this ability for success.

  • Preventative denial analysis to reduce future denial rate
  • Optimized systems lead to overall revenue increase
  • Industry leading appeal success rate
  • 45% reduction in days from date of bill to reimbursement for Workers Comp
  • Significant spike in consistent DME reimbursement

Orthopedic Case Study

Client Approved

“They have been a great service to my practice. I highly recommend them. My collections have significantly increased with their stewardship. They have always been available to answer my questions. GS and Allen are at the top of their game.”

Samir Sharma, MD – South Bay Orthopedics, San Jose

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