Medical Coding Conundrum? Not Anymore!

Tired of seeing your reimbursement not measure up to the coding services you provide? So are we… Tired of seeing the failings of your current coding specialist and the gaps in documentation that are costing you money? Us too… Being A Different Kind of Medical Coding Company means NEVER leaving money (your money!) on the table. It’s why we have our Collect More for Less® Guarantee.

Certified Medical Coding Specialists

All of our AAPC certified medical coders consistently churn out greater than 99% accuracy, every time. And even with an industry-defining accuracy rate, we’ll work with you to better your documentation processes for optimized reimbursement and claims pass ratio.

Our certified healthcare coders are proficient in ICD-10 and the upcoming ICD-11 coding requirements, and work with a myriad of specialities to ensure everything is capture the first time, the right way.

Check out some of the many practices we specialize in: Anesthesia, ASC, OBG YN, Orthopedic,
Urgent Care, Pain Management, Anesthesia

Medical Coding Audit Services

Wouldn’t you like to have a second set of eyes to make sure your healthcare coding process is accurately maximizing your revenue? Cosentus of Orange County and San Jose offers Medical Coding Audit services for clients that are doing their coding in- house or using other vendors to perform their coding. Our Coding audit solutions are focused on identifying & improving:

  • Coding Accuracy
  • Coding Related Denials
  • Coding Compliance

We also help set goals for education of your coders and ultimately paving the way for complete compliance and better reimbursements for your practice. Our highly experienced and 100% certified Coding Auditors dig deep to provide a full dissection of your current coding process. We provide “easy to read” detailed reports and a road map to optimal coding workflow. If you have interactions with Medicare, Medicaid (Medi-Cal), Tricare, VA, or any other government payer, we recommend periodic third-party coding audits to ensure all compliance requirements are addressed.

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