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Cosentus offers Revenue Cycle Management solutions designed specifically with anesthesia practices in mind. We take the RCM 360 to the next level by optimizing each element of your revenue cycle & therefore maximizing collections for you. With sustained cash-flow guaranteed for your practice, you can focus on what you do best—providing quality care to your patients.

With over 23 years of experience in the anesthesia industry, we can handle any practice model with ease, including:

  • Physician Only (AA)
  • CRNA Only (QZ)
  • Anesthesia Care Teams – Medical Direction/ Supervision (AD, QK, QX, QY)

Anesthesia Coding and Billing Services

anesthesia medical billing services

Accurate coding and billing is vital to receiving timely payments. Cosentus employs 100% certified anesthesia coders to ensure coding accuracy & prevent claims denials. Our staff is familiar with coding the following and much more:

  • Appropriate Physical status modifiers
  • Qualifying circumstances
  • Invasive lines
  • Post Op Pain management billing
  • Evaluation & Management billing

We also have expert knowledge regarding payer requirements to ensure timely & accurate reimbursements.

Denial Management

Denied claims happen for a number of reasons. For Anesthesia some of the most common causes are:

  • Inappropriate Bundling
  • Medical Necessity
  • Prior Authorization
  • Request for Supporting Documentation
  • Time rounding & other underpayment scenarios

Our domain expertise helps us achieve an industry leading appeal success rate of over 95%. We not only resolve denials but identify what’s triggering the denials & implement solutions to significantly reduce your future denial rate. In plain speak, we not only collect more but faster, too.

At Cosentus, we commit ourselves to providing superior solutions for your anesthesia practice. You can rest easy knowing your revenue cycle is not only managed but truly optimized & focus on providing best care to your patients. Talk to us about our Collect More for Less® Guarantee.

Anesthesia Practice Case Study

Client Testimonial

“Anesco has worked with Cosentus for over 10 years. During that time, we have found their management team to be highly responsive and helpful in designing solutions that fit our data management needs such as ICD-9/10 coding, Demographic and Charge entry. Their work product is timely and accurate. In addition to long-term routine data management, Cosentus has shown the flexibility to take on short term projects in a seamless fashion, relieving the stress on our organization. We highly value our relationship with Cosentus. We would be happy to recommend Cosentus for your data management needs from Florida to California.”

Paul Kolbert, MD – Vice President, Managing Member, Anesco (Florida)

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